Voluntary work

Have you always wanted to improve your skills, but you think you did not have the opportunity? If so, have you considered voluntary work? Not only do you improve your skills, you also contribute to your community and you will feel good about it.

With the world facing a series of problems due to the recent catastrophes (dugnad) , the world seems to need more voluntary work than ever before. Your intentions may not be so noble at first glance, but when you see the effects that you had, the generous act becomes something authentic. Just make sure your gesture matches your daily job (dugnad sokker) . Of course you do not get a cent for that, but there are always people who depend on you. You must therefore ensure that you comply with your obligations. If your schedule does not allow you, set the time clearly from the beginning. If something important happens, inform the officers and do it for the next time. You will get more respect if you appreciate the voluntary work. Even if you do not pay a penny, it is probably the greatest thing that can help the poor to help the poor.

When it comes to voluntary work, you may not immediately understand the underlying dynamics. You need to take the time to find out what you are really interested in to find your rhythm. If it is something you like, you will find comfort in the law. The rewards are greater or better than anything you can imagine. Looking at the beneficiaries, if you have improved a moment, is invaluable. If you live in a world of appreciation, you are more likely to succeed as a human being (dugnad idrettslag) . And instead of looking at the deed as a time-consuming task, inspiring activities create a dependency. Who does not want to be appreciated? It is a basic human need that is primarily about helping others. You can restore your goal and see yourself as an integral part of the forest.